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There are many vehicles within the world of Final Fantasy VII - The Chocobo (which has appeared in many Final Fantasy's) is one of the few ways of traveling. Other vehicles such as the buggy can access cross both desert and rivers - which is impossible on foot or by chocobo. As you progress, you will obtain other vehicles that can access even more areas!

final fantasy vii chocobo


Obtain a chocobo by using the Lure materia and having a battle where you can see the chocobo tracks - be sure not to attack the chocobo once you encounter one in battle otherwise you will scare them away!

final fantasy vii submarine


The submarine can travel both above and below the sea, however, you can only get off the submarine at docks. Search under the sea and who knows what you may find...

final fantasy vii highwind


Previously owned by ShinRa - this airship can access almost anywhere! It can ascend, descend and fly anywhere in the world but can only land on plain grass.

final fantasy vii tiny bronco

Tiny Bronco

A plane owned by Cid - the ShinRa shot it down and luckily it works - but only in shallow sea. It can no longer fly, however, it can access many locations from where it can still travel...