vehicles features

As you make your way through this adventure, you'll be able to move around using different vehicles. They'll take you to places you won't be able to go by foot. But keep in mind that they could only move around within their limits. Discover the world with these guys!


Chocobo: By using the Chocobo Lure materia in specified areas on the world map, you'll be allowed to hop on Chocobo and move around the flat surfaces and swamps.


Submarine: Not only does this move undersea, it also navigates on the sea. Be careful because it'll only stop at certain places.

Highwind: This gigantic sky-flying vehicle belonging to the Shinra's is the fastest means of transportation. On the world map, it can fly anywhere except for the mountain areas. highwind
Tiny Bronco: Cid will control this vehicle across the shallow water, but not in the sky! bronco