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Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is mobile game released for cell phones. It is a recreation of the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square snowboarding attraction, which is based on the snowboarding scene after the party heads north from Icicle Inn towards the Glacier.

The object of the game is to ride a snowboarding through a course collecting balloons, jumping off ramps and dodging obstacles in the fastest time possible. Like the original minigame, the music ("Electric de Chocobo") is used during gameplay.

Besides a lower resolution and lack of a background, the game bares a very close resemblance to the original Final Fantasy VII snowboarding minigame:

playstation screen comparisonmobile cell phone screen comparison
Comparison between the Final Fantasy VII minigame and Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding.
Left: Original Minigame, Right: Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding

Game Information:

Platforms: LGVX8000
Audiovox 8940
Samsung A890
Genre: Arcade Racer/Snowboarder
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix Mobile
Players: 1

Release Dates:

ntsc america canada flag NTSC-U/C Release: April 8, 2005
japan NTSC-J Release: November 2008